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To And Frome

Thu 7th Jul 2005 00:45 BST by Andrew from Darlington, U.K.

Went down to Frome, Somerset on Monday to look for flats. Hmmn, Frome is a bit run down in places. Viewed three flats on Tuesday morning (one okish, one already under offer and no ?white goods? and one that stank of damp and had a lawn largely composed of a car-park and dog mess). Viewed another this morning (a mini-house for 1 person) but had no shower (nor means to fit a temporary one over the bath taps), a divey kitchen and the ?central? heating comprised one wall heater downstairs.

The plan was to come back to Darlington on Thursday or Friday after having signed-off on a flat. As I write this it's Wednesday night and I'm already back in Darlington and haven't found anywhere to live yet in Frome. I've come back as there are no more flats to see and I didn't want to stay any longer in the £30 a night (yet divey) B&B / inn I was staying at (grubby, room above the noisy bar, cigarette burns in the sink, broken toilet, ?).

Tomorrow (Thursday) is decision day ? a decision so complicated I've had to draw up a flow chart to keep track of all of the IF and WHENs.

The scales are currently balanced with lots of pros holding up lots of cons. Decisions I make in the morning could tip the scales to mean I move to Frome or I don't.

I took a train trip to Bath on Tuesday and sat in the park over the road from my old flat, opposite Royal Crescent, in the rain and wind. Poignant. Can't upload any photos as the CF card reader is packed up in a box somewhere.

OK, I've put forward an offer on the ?okish? flat. I'll not be able to move down there now until at least the 20th July (a week and a half later than previously planned) and possibly not until a day or so after that. I've had to get my work start-date shifted by nearly 2 weeks (there's no way I can afford the additional fees of living in a B&B until the flat is available ? since I'm paying all relocation costs myself).

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