Andrew Urquhart's Miscellany

Hi there. This is just a note to say that I no longer update this site. You can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

Wordy things

  • Blog Entirely home-made weblog / journal type thing with comments, archive & RSS web feed
  • WebTech A web programming / web technologies journal with comments, archive and RSS web feed
  • About The vanity bit

Techie things

Fun things

  • Sudoku Interactive Sudoku that produces new games on-the-fly in real-time, includes a choice of board sizes. Now with a Sudoku Puzzle Solver!.
  • Futile Sliding-tile DHTML game. Jumble up a picture made of tiles and reassemble it by shunting the tiles around the board. Now with music!
  • Foretoken 'Four in a row' DHTML token game against the computer, a bit like Connect4®. Now with music!

Other things

  • Photos A DHTML photo gallery and slideshow
  • Wallpaper Free wallpaper images for your desktop created from photos I've taken
  • Dynamic MP3 Gallery An interactive playlist using XML and XSLT with audio via ActiveX and javascript
  • Contact page Mail me from more or less anywhere in the world
  • Graffiti A place to say whatever you want to say