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Entry for 28th February 2003 at 14:47 BST

Underwater Cyclist Swerves To Avoid Garden Gnome

Fri 28th Feb 2003 14:47 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.

In my latest Edinburgh Bicycle newsletter:

I'll leave you with this snippet from CAN - The Cycling Advocates Network - New Zealand, sent to us by Gavin McCulloch, late of Edinburgh Bicycle Online.

According to a Feb. 5th story in the Newton Kansan, "...In three hours and 15 minutes, on a bicycle weighted down with lead, and breathing from a scuba tank, 53-year-old Wolfgang Kulov of Germany pedaled 2.6 miles along the floor of the North Sea. Afterward, he said, 'At one point I had to drive around a discarded garden gnome that someone had thrown into the water.' Apparently no one asked him what the heck he was doing in the first place, or why. Or maybe no one wanted to be seen talking to him...
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