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Sun 24th Nov 2002 01:11 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.

Just spent the last 2 hours in the bath with some expensive aromatherapy oils (Matey bubblebath, ahem), Enya (well, her music), a fine cup of tea and the travel section of The Guardian. I have that wrinkly problem at the moment, no not old age, you know what I mean. Feeling very relaxed and chilled. I needed that, as you'll probably know if you've read this blog over the last couple of weeks.

Looking through the travel section has spurned the desire to learn to ski or snowboard. There are tonnes of cheap trips to mainland Europe as well. A little extra cash my way and I'd be very tempted to spend a weekend somewhere in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria or Luxembourg, whether it's to learn to ski or just to soak up a hint of a different culture. At the moment my cultural blotting paper is virtually pristine. In fact the only culture I can claim to really have experienced was the organic mass under the sink in my kitchen not long after I moved in to this flat. I've been to France once, last year with some mates from St. Andrews Uni, and that was the first time I'd been abroad, though not from want or desire.

It was that holiday in France where I first went canoeing - 2-man canoes paddled down the Dordogne for an hour or so. That was the best bit of the holiday for me, although just being in a different country meant that even when we were on the road it was still interesting. Just remembered that Bob never did send me a scan of the photos :o(. Think I'd like to try one-man canoes here in Bath, but it's the wrong time of year I guess. If I'm still here in the Spring (and not on a remote Scottish island planting tatties and neeps) I'll investigate the local clubs ;o).

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