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An Interesting Week

Sat 16th Nov 2002 23:05 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.

Actually it wasn't but I'm wishing it had been. Every day seemed like Monday, and Monday was tedious and tiring. Work was interesting on Thursday though, when in the space of a minute my boss managed to rub me up the wrong way to the point where we had, lets say, a vigorous discussion in front of the rest of the department. My blog entry for Thursday does no justification to how I felt during that meeting. I'll resist temptation to say anything more on that.

Coming down with some pathetic bug that plays tricks with your thirst. 5 gallons of cool fresh water fails to quench your thirst or sooth your sore throat but it exercises your kidneys very effectively. I hate being ill. The obvious retort is of course and who doesn't? I'm not at my best when I'm ill, but I'll not dwell on that because it's not very positive thinking and no one likes a moaner!

Looking forward to Spring already. I know, Autumn hasn't finished yet. In the past and elsewhere on this site I've said that I'm looking forward to Winter this year. Indeed I love the cold, crisp frosty mornings, seeing your breath, snow, clear skies with stars that shine like diamonds in the absense of summer haze and all-night twilight. But the long nights are a bit grim, especially when the weather is horrible at the same time. In the summer you can enjoy the outdoors after work, but when it gets dark before you get home you have to find other things to do. I think I'm spending too much time, erm, thinking. Been pondering where I want to be physically, career-wise, socially and monetarily this time next year. Substantial improvements need to be made in all areas! I keep wondering how I'm going to acheive them. If it had been a nice warm, dry Summer's night I would have been outdoors somewhere on my bike and wouldn't be asking myself such difficult questions. However, I do know most of the answers. Neither the questions nor the answers are actually difficult, like a programming task, it's the implementation part that's going to be tricky.

I'm currently feeling a little under the weather
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