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Better Bike. Interesting Coding Projects

Sat 16th Nov 2002 23:52 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.

Been wondering for some time that my bike bars were too high. Just dropped them down by a headset spacer and wow! Soo much nicer to ride, more control and more comfort. Might go out tonight on it after all, though I think I'm going to be pretty hoarse when I get back.

Ooh, just found www.saltstorm.net, lots of open source projects that I could be really interested in, especially as I realise that someone has been doing things I've been thinking about or have part-way implemented already.

As if I spoke too soon about junk referrers, my logs are full of referrer links from download10 dot com. In retaliation have added some sniffing to the Session starter script to always redirect known referrer spammers off of the site. I should build it so that for every hit they fake on me, I fake one on them from a CIA website or something. Hmmm, I should do this, it's pretty easy! ;oD

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