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Carefully Planned Moves

Sat 2nd Jul 2005 00:19 BST by Andrew from Darlington, U.K.

So, here's the plan.

Monday 4th July I catch the train down to Frome at 6:55am with the basics in a rucksack. I aim to spend the afternoon browsing various letting agencies and hopefully arrange some (additional) ?apartment? viewings.

Late afternoon I book into my B&B, it's in a pub ? I should sample the local brewing ability.

Tuesday morning I've got two pre-booked viewings around 10am. The only apartment I liked the sound of has already been taken and these other 2 are all that's realistically left, but one is not available until 20th July and I start work on the 13th. Frome is a small place ? the rental market is worse than I thought. I've got to try and find somewhere to live by Wednesday to be in with a hope of being set-up by the time I start work one week later.

On this schedule I should be back in Darlington for Friday and then make the 300-mile journey back down to Frome in a van with all of my stuff on Saturday. My parents then take the van back on Tuesday.

As unfeasible as this sounds, I've done it before but with a bigger rental market to take my pick of. The cost of all of this, ugh ? don't even go there (all my savings and more).

I do have a couple of contingency plans should it not work out smoothly. One of which is to put up with somewhere for 6 months, by which time I should be driving myself around and then I can take my pick of where to live and possibly commute in daily from somewhere nearer to Bath.

The things you do?

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