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Christmas Trees Exposed

Sat 25th Dec 2004 01:29 BST by Andrew from Darlington, U.K.
Long-exposure Christmas tree with fairy lights
Long-exposure Christmas tree ? or neon lights reflected in a puddle?
Close-up, long duration of Christmas tree branch with lights
Long-exposure of Christmas tree lights ? but nature does it better
out-of focus Christmas tree lights, but too dark to see tree
A constellation of Christmas tree lights
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1. Posted by Mike [ web page link ] from Darlington

Wed 29th Dec 2004 15:44 BST
Me no see pictures and me gets 404 when clicking.

2. Posted by Andrew from Darlington, U.K. [ Main Editor ]

15:59 BST
Me no use Firefox and me no see problem in Opera. Me do see back-slash instead of forward-slash in image URIs, this fixed. Firefox now see pictures.

3. Posted by Mike [ web page link ] from Darlington

22:19 BST
Me see pretty lights now.
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