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Frome, Frome, Froooooome

Sat 30th Jul 2005 22:08 BST by Andrew from Frome, U.K.

Jenson Button was born in Frome apparently. I found this out whilst trying to find out where the nearest analogue TV transmitter to Frome is (Pen Hill) because my TV reception is crap. However, I could have deduced this from watching listening to the traffic at the cross-roads opposite my flat [ shocked smiley ]

The flat is OK, or at least it will be when the bathroom is fixed (shower is broken, water from the sink comes up in the bath and the loo seat is broken) and if I could get the carpets professionally cleaned (they're very dirty and there's one in the bathroom of all places). So, I'm currently getting washed and shaved in the kitchen and put my shoes on to go to the loo. The letting agent has though promised to fix the shower, plumbing and the loo even if they've not said when. The flat is also meant to be being painted, a sash window cord needs repairing, I've asked for the bathroom carpet to be removed and I want them to fit security locks on the sash windows. We'll see what happens about those other things in due course.

It's noisy in the main room because of accelerating and braking cars and lorries but thankfully I have a separate bedroom in this flat (it's not a studio flat like Bath was) which is further back from the road so I don't hear it as much, though the bedroom is next to a communal stairwell and the main front door which slams loudly! Having a separate bedroom though does mean that when you've burnt your kippers (odd, that sounds like a metaphor!) that you don't have to go to sleep surrounded by fishy smoke!

The flat has mostly been scrubbed clean since I moved in (care of my parents who were down here in Frome for a couple of days) but there's still some more to do. I know I'm a bit too fussy but the amount of dirt in here was surprising as the letting agent had already paid a cleaner to come in before I moved in. The letting agent did warn me though when I went to collect my keys on the day I moved in that the previous tenants had been ?very dirty?.

After a week of commuting by bus I've finally managed to work out how to make a return trip. Turns out that there are two separate bus companies that advertise identical route numbers. I've been catching one company's bus in the morning and buying a return ticket, but haven't been able to use it on the return service at night because I've been catching the other company's identically numbered bus. So, I've been having to buy a single ticket to get home and spending ?4.70 a day to travel just 3 miles and back. The two companies operate buses at near identical times, but at night I've worked out that I just have to let one bus go past and catch the second identically numbered service 5 minutes later. Crazy.

Think I'll probably have to get the bus to do my shopping too as it's too far to walk with a rucksack of tins & bottles plus 2 or 3 bags of shopping. I need to get driving! A car would also help me pick up new batches of contact lenses and solutions as there isn't a Vision Express in Frome and it's a 40 minute train trip to get to Bath to collect them. A car would also allow me to sleep in half an hour earlier in the morning and get home sooner. Hmmn, I'll have to see how the finances are once I get my first pay packet (end of August) to see if I can restart driving lessons.

Cross-roads with cars and houses in background
The view of the crossroad from the front of the flat
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1. Posted by Mike [ web page link ] from Darlington

Mon 1st Aug 2005 15:55 BST
But, but but... Cars are evil!!!

Congrats on finding a place to live, even if it doen't sound fantastic just yet.

2. Posted by Andrew from Frome, U.K. [ Main Editor ]

Thu 4th Aug 2005 20:53 BST

Sorry, somehow missed this comment until now?

Odd as it is I think I am getting to like the flat and the long walk to the shops. I have a beautiful walk to work (once I get off of the bus ? quiet undulating countryside, butterflies, cows, pine trees). Not sure about the rest of Frome though ? it's a little backward and run down in places.

Things are going well at work and I'm being kept busy with an utterly enormous project that I have to design and build from scratch ? it gets bigger every day!

Still no word from the letting agent on when any of the issues raised about the flat will be fixed. I'm no longer getting washed in the kitchen though as I'm managing (just) to get washed in the miniature sink (no, really, it's just big enough to get my hands into) in the bathroom. Stupid really, there's a full-size bath in the bathroom and it's so big that there isn't room for a normal-sized sink. I wish they'd swapped the bath for a shower cabinet and put a proper sink in there ? would have been perfect.

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