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Mr McTim, Master Of The Universe Science

Wed 20th Nov 2002 23:52 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.
Congratulations to Mike who graduated (again!) today.
I'm currently feeling calm


1. Posted by Mike [ web page link ] [ email link ] from QE Sixth Form!

Thu 21st Nov 2002 17:51 BST
Aww, shucks, thanks.

By the way, I don't lose the Master of the Universe title, the Science one is in addition :)

2. Posted by Andrew from The Starkness Of Surreality [ Main Editor ]

21:10 BST
I had a hunch from that time when just after physics with JDMC, whilst wearing just red underpants and holding aloft a shiny sword, you cried out "By the power of Grayskull!" and it started to flash lightening and stuff. I'm quite good at spotting these things you know.
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