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Shuttle Launch

Sun 24th Nov 2002 01:49 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.
A shuttle launch is currently in progress. BBC.co.uk - audio/visual panel link at top right. Although you won't be able to see it with the naked eye, it'll be over the UK in a couple of minutes. Sometimes you can see it when it's sunset.

I usually go to MSNBC.com and follow the link for NASA TV. In the past I've been watching live TV transmitted from one of the Shuttles via it's network of supporting communication satellites down eventually to Houston, USA, encoded and sent under the Atlantic Ocean before being routed directly to my desktop, whilst out of the corner of my eye watching the white dot that is the same Shuttle and co-joined International Space Station pass across the evening twilight sky. Times of Shuttle and other satellite crossings for your exact location can be found at Heaven's Above.com.
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1. Posted by Louise Sharples from On Windows 2000 The Best OS There Is Period

Fri 6th Dec 2002 14:11 BST
That's very interesting, I never considered watching the Shuttle naked eye and the video feed at the same time. It was a visit to Florida to watch a shuttle launch (Oct 1989 - Atlantis with Galileo onboard) when I was 6 years old that started my obsession with Astronomy. If someone had told me back then that Galileo would still be orbiting Jupiter in 2002 I would never have believed them. Ahhhh, memories...
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