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Strangely Calm

Mon 4th Nov 2002 22:13 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.
I feel strangely calm. Which is odd. After all, it's a Monday. It's especially odd as today at work I was given a plan of the month's tasks I have to do with more deadlines on it than a thing with far too many deadlines on it. I think it may be because the part of my brain that decides to make me get annoyed about such things as Mondays and work has actually got annoyed at getting annoyed about such things as Mondays and work. It has thus decided to relinquish it's struggle, sit back, put it's feet up and watch the day go by. On the other hand it may just be because Rob is ill, and therefore the office has been quiet [ big grinning smiley ] On the other hand it may be because it's been a lovely dry and sunny day, with a frosty morning, fresh air and there's the prospect of getting out on my bike tonight for the first time in a month.
I'm currently feeling relaxed
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1. Posted by Rob Fenwick [ web page link ] [ email link ] from Bath

Mon 4th Nov 2002 23:24 BST
Oh-hoh. Just you wait. I'll be back, and by gumpsion you'll pay for that you little toad {:oP

2. Posted by Andrew [ Main Editor ]

Tue 5th Nov 2002 00:11 BST
Ahh, that's better, I'm feeling less relaxed already!
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