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Utter Rubbish

Sun 10th Nov 2002 21:32 BST by Andrew from Bath, U.K.

Recently I've seen a couple of articles discussing the merits of charging for refuse collection on a per-bag basis. Is this not complete madness? People will just dump their rubbish illegally, or worse still they'll dump it on someone else's property for it's owner to foot the refuse bill.

This seems like another half-brained idea that hopes to rectify a more complex problem by adding an elastoplast/band-aid. Instead of taxing for refuse removal, tax on the causes of refuse. Wow, that's not a difficult solution to conjure up is it? Tax products that come packaged in difficult to recycle or excessive materials, tax consumers on carrier bags. Maybe even offer reductions to householders that recycle large amounts of their rubbish.

It's stick and carrot, not baseball bat.

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