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Wed 13th Jul 2005 00:29 BST by Andrew from Darlington, U.K.

I don't believe in omens, which is a good job when it comes to my move to Frome and how it's gone so far. There was the abysmal train trip, the bad interview, the divey B&B, the lack of flats to choose from, the tenancy papers that got lost in the post and now the credit reference agency is having a temper tantrum.

Despite (anticipated) good references from a past landlord and confirmation from my new employer that I do work for them for ?xyz income, they aren't happy with the contracting I've been doing because it's not technically continuous employment and they require 18 months of solid employment history. So the only way I can now finance the flat is to either pay all of the rent up front or get a guarantor to countersign the tenancy agreement that is willing to agree to their own personal credit check and a round of form filling. The former involves paying 6 months worth of rent in advance, the latter is not an option as the only guarantors that can go to Frome with me to sign the agreement in the presence of the agent are my parents and they are retired and don't qualify.

When I got my last flat in Bath I had ?100 to my name, had just graduated (second time) a few months before and had no permanent employment record, but this didn't phase the letting agent because I had verifiable proof of future income. Exactly the same applies again (bank balance is healthier this time though) but that aint good enough for the current agents so payment in advance is the only option remaining to me. That equates to all my savings plus loans from relatives. Sheesh, I must have walked under a ladder recently?

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1. Posted by Chris [ web page link ] from York, England

Wed 13th Jul 2005 12:12 BST
Sorry to hear you're not having much luck with the credit reference agency. I don't much trust them myself however, we have little choice but to use them. Hope it works out.

2. Posted by Rob

15:18 BST
I'm not a million miles away, if I can help out with being a guarantor, let me know.

3. Posted by Andrew from Darlington, U.K. [ Main Editor ]

16:00 BST

Rob that's a stupendously kind offer (you do realise that the position of guarantor is a financial one whereby you agree to pay my rent if I don't?). Not to worry though ? I've already agreed this morning to pay the 6 months rent in advance (plus another 1 months rent as a deposit, plus letting agent fees).

Unfortunately I've been told that I'm likely to have the same problem again when the 6 months has elapsed. However, at that time I intend to demand a one month rolling contract or the letting agent (Holden Heal) can p!$$ off. Rather than saving for the next fixed-term 6 month contract I intend to undertake semi-intensive driving lessons, pass my test and get a car before the 6 months is up. Then at least I have the option of moving to alternative accommodation with a reasonable letting agent.

4. Posted by Rob

Thu 14th Jul 2005 14:44 BST
I'm quite certain that "stupendously kind" is only one step away from "stupid", you know [ tongue stuck out smiley ]
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