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Each script includes instructions on how to use it and/or a brief worked example. All pages link to a separate feedback and ratings page to report any bugs or suggestions for improvements. I enjoy scripting and the aim is to share some of the higher quality fruits of my labours with other web programmers. Everything from a couple of lines to illustrate a point to some really quite complicated pieces of work. Hopefully there's something of use here to someone. Please read the copyright notes below.

ASP 301 - Moved Permanently
A wrapper function to send clients a HTTP 301 status code under ASP
Basic Server Capabilites
An ASP file to report on whether or not various components are installed on an IIS5+ server
Cache Control
An ASP function to implement ETag and If_Modified_Since caching
Caching Data Fragments
A series of JScript ASP functions to efficiently fetch and save strings of text to/from a file cache
Create Complete Directory Path
A JScript function that takes a filepath input and creates all of the directories in the path
CSS Compressor
A JScript function to strip whitespace and comments from CSS files - there by compressing them for faster download
DHTML Easy Countdown ( popular ) (1 item)
A simple and accessible DHTML count-down clock that requires no knowledge of javascript to use
As DHTML Easy Countdown but loaded with customisations, yet still easy to use
Enumerating Request.Form Data
A simple function to read every key (including duplicates) and key value from the Request.Form collection
JScript ASP Library
A bumper collection of Classic ASP (JScript) functions for use by web programmers
Format String As URI Component
A Javascript function that takes a string and returns a human-readable version of it that is safe for use in URIs
HTML Entity Encoder / Decoder
Converts characters into their decimal entity notation and back again
Load And Save File Helper Functions
2 JScript functions to ease the process of loading and saving files via ADODB.Stream. Support for a range of character sets.
Producer & Consumer Message Handling
Two functions to implement basic message passing between ASP pages using a store of text files
Request Object ( popular ) (4 items)
Client-side URI querystring key-value parser that works like server-side ASP
A number of live example pages for you to have a look at the script in action
Forum (2 items)
A basic forum where you can browse or search for questions and add your own replies to existing conversations.
Old forum entries, one month at a time.
Search across all available forum entries
Full documentation of the methods and properties that the script supports
A comparison against the script and proper ASP
Stored Procedures Under JScript ASP
An example of how to invoke a stored procedure via JScript Classic ASP
Syntax Highlight JScript, HTML & ASP Source Code
A JScript function to syntax highlight JScript, ASP, HTML and ADO source code (and other languages) using simple mark-up and CSS
Timezone Info
Shows current timezone now, dates of changes in daylight saving and tries to guess where you live!
Wrap Text
Inserts line breaks into a string in order to wrap it at a certain number of characters per line
XHTML MimeType Negotiation
An ASP function to determine if a browser or internet device supports the "application/xhtml+xml" mimetype and the XML prologue
XSL Transformation With Parameters
A JScript function to load an XML and XSL file, dynamicly add parameters to the stylesheet and then transform them into a string

Copyleft, not Copyright

The above scripts are free for anyone to use as they see fit (see caveat below) be it commercial / educational / governmental / etc, but come with no warranty of any kind so use them at your own risk. Whilst I still retain the copyright on all of the scripts you are free to modify them for your own purposes but it'd be appreciated if you can keep my name and web address noted in them somewhere. The “Request Object Script” is the only exception, it's still free to all but the copyright header on the script should not be removed.

Caveat: You can use these scripts in commercial products, but you may not sell them as products in their own right, nor may you sell them as part of a collection of scripts without prior permission.

Donations: If you would like to offer a monetary contribution for using one of these scripts, may I recommend that you redirect it instead to a charity that empowers less fortunate people to help themselves.


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