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  • Check out the general rules of Sudoku before you start
  • Simply copy the number or letters from an existing puzzle into the grid above, then when all have been copied simply choose the “Solve” button.
  • After choosing the “Solve” button, if the computer knows how to solve the puzzle then each cell in the grid will contain a single number or letter. If a cell contains more than one then the computer has listed the possible values the cell can have but doesn't know which value is the correct one.
  • There are ways of solving Sudoku puzzles that the computer hasn't been trained for (yet), so you may need to help it when solving very difficult puzzles.
  • If you want to fill in or remove an answer yourself you can edit the cell values at any time and attempt to “Solve” the puzzle again.
  • To increase or decrease the scale of the grid simply change the font-size in your browser



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