Web Tools

Here you can find some links to various web-based utilities and similar miscellany I've built over the last few years — it's a bit of an assortment.

Note: The script library that used to be here has moved to a top-level section of its own as it was getting too big for this page — it's where the new and interesting stuff goes these days.

Colour Picker
A DHTML utility to display #RRGGBB, RGB and HSL values on the fly from a 2D plot of saturation versus lightness for a given hue.
URI Encoder
Convert characters to and from entities and URI-encoding, plus a few other formats besides
UnZixHTA (1 item)
An HTA application to strip the rubbish off of .zix files and recover their original contents
UnZixHTA Source Code
Source Code for the UnZixHTA application
Simple all-year calendar viewer
ROT13 Encipherer
Encypher and decipher ROT13 messages
ISBN Checksum Validator & Conversion Tool
Validate an ISBN 10 or ISBN 13 number according to its checksum. Includes a conversion from ISBN 10 to ISBN 13.
A live enumeration of ASP's Request.ServerVariables collection
Box Model Hack Generator
A utility to generate Tantek box-model hack CSS rules
Domain Countries
Displays the country associated with an Internet domain when given a URI, domain name or country code
User Filter (1 item)
A system to automatically block access to web site users when their connection details match data in an XML user exclusion list
ASP (IIS5) Implementation
How to implement User Filter under ASP and IIS5
HTTP Request Viewer
A stand-alone Windows-only HTA utility to send custom HTTP requests to a server and analyse the reply [Zipped HTA file]
A stand-alone mirroring agent I use to mirror this website [ZIP File]
Javascript Compressor
A simple stand-alone utility to compress javascript files for faster downloading [HTA file]
Iridium Flare Favourable Pass Picker
A stand-alone utility to parse and filter Iridium flare predictions from heavens-above.com [ZIP File]
Dynamic MP3 Gallery (2 items)
An XML filesystem of MP3s transformed with client-side XSLT into a single dynamic playable MP3 'playlist'
Example Catalogue
A pre-built catalogue for you to see how the playlist looks and feels
Download Source
The scripts to generate and play your own audio collection [ZIP file]