DHTML Colour Picker v1.0

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Memory 1
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Choose a hue from the "hue bar" and a "colour square" of lightness (vertical axis) versus saturation (horizontal axis) will be rendered in real-time for the hue you picked. Rendering the "colour square" may take a few seconds on slower machines. Move the mouse around either the "hue bar" or the "colour square" to show the colour value in the "Hover colour" section. Clicking a colour in either bar will copy it to . Activating a mouse button somewhere on the "hue bar" or "colour square" will copy the "hover colour" to the "selected colour" box. From here you can use the buttons to copy it to one of the memory boxes.

Gradient Effects:

This section allows you to create gradient effects between the two colours in the memory boxes above. Pick your two colours first then choose the “Create Gradients” button. To make the gradient smoother increase the number in the input box.

Gradient Colour


Use this form to change the size of the colour square. A smaller number creates a larger palette but takes longer to generate and requires more system resources. For old/slow computers, or computers with poor performance web-browsers, increase the value.

Resize Colour Square


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