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Entry for 8th January 2004 at 11:22 GMT

RIAA Referrer Spam

Thu 8th Jan 2004 12:22 BST by Andrew from Darlington, U.K.

Aaah, nice to see the RIAA have employed Starprose (not a link as I don't want to create Google juice) to send me referrer spam:

2004-01-07 23:47:44 HEAD /blog/ 403 StarProse+Referrer+Advertising+System+2004 http://www.riaa.com

Obviously the right way to go about increasing your karma and getting 'hip' with bloggers. They can go straight onto my special exclusion list — the one that on receipt of an incoming spam referrer puts a spam referrer on the referrers own site with the address of a (fake) internal UK Trading Standards address, then I redirect them back to themselves.

Blimey, and another from an equally nice bunch of people: HEAD /blog/ 405 Referrer+Advertising+System http://www.sco.com


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